The Rajasthan State Open School was registered. To offer specialized services to the government and other agencies in the field of education, in general, and school education, in particular, for the development and growth of distance and open school system and develop proper curriculum for vocational and enduring education to prepare student population for the world of work.

To as certain linkages with traditional education systems like State Open Schools, Sanskrit Boards and Madarsas with predictable education system with mobility across them and equivalence between them, the RSOS wishes to work in close association with the Open Schools, State Open Schools, Sanskrit Boards and Madarsas. In this regard, RSOS will also follow the norms for conducting examinations as also follow National Curriculum Framework, 2005, as amended from time to time

Rajasthan State Open School was envisaged as a comprehensive instructional release institution that offered the autonomy to students to get education without the bottleneck of attending daily classes. We have succeeded in creating a distance education program as a planned extended learning endeavour. RSOS has gained an expertise in delivering instructional possessions and thereby providing opportunities to students located away from the organization.

We have expanded our distance education program in India.With comprehensive online solutions for the students; our axiom is to help everyone in need of quality education in all corners of the world. The remarkable contribution of RSOS in the field of education has been to achieve Discipline and quality of education which is the backbone of RSOS.